4 friends (lunatics) and a 32 year old Land Rover Ambulance 

We are a group of four friends (Kat, Coby, Tom and Jon) who have decided, for many varied reasons, to drive an old 1983 Land Rover Series Three 109 Marshal Ambulance (who we’ve affectionately termed “The Beaut”) to South East Asia.

The initial reaction we get when we tell people this tends towards incredulity, as people seem to have this strange (but most probably well founded) idea that a series 3 will make it about as far as Calais before giving up on us!

But we say NO! With faith and love (and not an insignificant amount of Gaffer tape) we are as confident as we are naive that she will take us 13000 + miles across to the other side of the world…

Please wish us luck and feel free to keep on reading to find out how we get on!

30 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Penny Terry says:

    Hello Tom Tom! This is Penny. Jo gave me this so as I could follow you, but as you know, I’m a dinosaur with the comp and wondered if you could send to my email address. I’d love to know how you are getting on and that you are happy and safe!
    Hope all is well and you are having a blast. Fondest love, yer old lab


  2. Mandy and Tony Jarvis says:

    Hi Kat, so the adventure begins. I hope your steak defrosts and you have a great first meal from your Beaut kitchen.
    Your Mum, Tony and I had a our own mini adventure after you left, we went to see a massive Agave plant which is flowering for the first time in 40 years, so big they have had to take some glass panels out of the Italianate Greenhouse. Then on a trip down memory lane in the Thanet Emporium, 80 stalls of vintage stuff, and then onto the garden centre for lunch and some more Sketcher retail therapy.
    Have a great time – much love from Mandy and Tony xxx


  3. Nick Wilcher says:

    Hi Coby and adventurous friends,
    Wishing you all the best on your capers and hope the gaffer tape supply holds out.
    All our love

    Nick, Sarah, Rosie and Charlie


  4. Janice Wilkinson says:

    Hi Tom et al,
    Have wonderful travels across Europe and Asia in The Beaut – what stories you will be able to recount on your return! Congratulations on passing Rheims.
    I am Janice, one of Liz’s patients, and I was wondering if you were having a big barbecue “send-off” at the the Honourable Artillery Company Gardens on Sunday? If not, there was another white Land Rover on its way to Bangkok on Monday! One of my sons was playing cricket there, noticed the large barbecue and wondered if it was you.
    Anyway, have the most wonderful time and you may just meet another “Beaut” along the way.
    Best wishes,


  5. Tim Wilcher says:

    Hey Coby,

    Wishing you and your friends all the best on your adventure. Don’t know much about land rovers but sure your optimism is well placed!

    Can’t wait to hear how you and the beaut get on.

    Lots of love

    Tim, Clairey and Charlie


    • landroverambulance says:

      Hi Harriet! So glad you have tuned in! Will miss you too my dear, have just left a remarkable place in Turkey called Cappodocia, you would have loved it for many reasons – google it 😉 Lots of love to you and Alan and to all the Girlies at the HAC! Xxx


  6. Sarah Mussett says:

    Hi Coby,
    I hope you are having fun and an amazing time. The “beaut” looks great, hope it’s still comfortable a few weeks in now! Take care love Sair, Clive, Issy and James xxx


  7. Lynn says:

    Well done guys on making it to Baku. Hope all ok and the ferry turns up soon.
    You’ve completed your first month away, missing you but enjoying following your adventures; keep the photos coming! Love Mum (Lynn) xxxx


  8. Sarah Mussett says:

    Hi Coby,
    How’s it going? Hope you are still having fun….! Just looked at the map and seen you are in Bishkek…had to look up on google where that was…
    Can’t wait to hear the stories on your return


  9. Kevin says:

    I was lucky enough to hitchhike a ride in the Beaut yesterday after sharing many cold beers and some very good jazz music the previous evening. A big thanks to Tom and Kat, OOGY WAWA !!!


  10. jennyadams22 says:

    Hey Kat,

    I met you a month ago while you were washing dishes on the front of the Land Rover in Battambang. I was with my buddy Jade. We were supposed to meet you at the Riverside Balcony Bar for drinks at 9. We went there but it was closed.
    I would love to try and write a story on you guys and your journey. My email is JennyAdamsFreelance (at) Gmail. I’m also online at Hit me up so we can discuss!


  11. Fiona Jongyoosuk says:

    Just seen the Beaut in Chumphon…. but it drove off so fast I didn’t get a photo!!! Awesome thing you are doing, hope you enjoying Thailand, driving here is a bit boss level.😱😂… wishing you loads of luck from a English exile who always dreamed of this drive


    • landroverambulance says:

      Hello! Thank you for the message – sorry it has taken so long to get back to you! Yes, we didn’t stop long in Chumphon! Just passed through after a couple of days diving. The drive is worth it! I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet.


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