The Gendarnmerie

Well, with getting a wiggle on in mind (in order to get to Italy to eat our body weight in pasta) we hit the French A26.

It hadn’t been the plan to use the motorways; we didn’t want to pay the tolls, we were somewhat worried that we couldn’t hit the minimum speed limits (no beaut bashing comments please) and we have eight jerry cans strapped onto the Beaut which we’re not entirely sure is legal in Europe.

Getting pulled over in this thing was really only a matter of time.

And on Day 2 about 11 O’Clock we found the blue flashing light of the Gendarnmerie approaching from the rear. They seemed unsure about us, stopped to have a look, overtook us and generally oggled for a while before inevitably pulling us over.

We quickly strapped in (having been lounging in the back) and decided the friendly, not in a hurry facade would be the best approach. The policeman as it turned out, was really rather friendly himself and seemed quite delighted when Jon opened the doors to reveal two women in the back!

Their concern it transpired was with none of our worries above, but actually how saggy the Beauts backside is! Jon was driving, a huge stroke of luck as his French is far superior to the rest of us, however watching a group of four Brits try to translate the word ‘weigh-bridge’ could only have been very funny!

About 20 minutes later, Jon having painstakingly explained all of the vehicles loading weights and mimed something about axles, the Gendarnmerie had their final conflab… to our astonishment we were sent merrily on our way! With the (it must be said) rather attractive policeman stopping to ask where we were going and how long it would take. When told, he laughingly replied, “A few months? More like a few centuries!”

Here hoping he’s wrong but that all of our future police encounters end just as amicably!


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