The Bathing Lakes of France and Italy

It is merely then end of day three and so far we have managed to get a cheeky lake swim in 2/3 days! Needless to say we may now smell a little bit of pond but I’m sure there are worse things!

We are currently pitched up at a campsite which backs on to Lake Garda in Italy and its beautiful! A pre dinner swim did us all the world of good as it is (to use a mr shippen term) Redders! even at nine at night.

Yesterday (day 2) saw us take lunch at Lac Du Orient (yes we took lunch – well we chowed down on french bread, cheese and ham on the picnic blanket) a huge lake in the south of France with beaches and little copses on the shores.

Tomorrow we are headed for Venice and a well deserved afternoon off as we appear to be (touch wood) on schedule.

Quote of the day from Mr Helliwell “While we are in Venice, we should look for a motoring shop, we need more cable ties and were running low on Greece. – Romance ladies and gentlemen is officially dead!



2 thoughts on “The Bathing Lakes of France and Italy

  1. richard james stanier says:

    Great to hear your stories do keep it up . . . BTW you would have found the Venice branch of Halfords just off the Grand Canal !!


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