A warm welcome to Turkey and Boomerang Bar

Turkey has always been down on the itinerary as a bit of a milestone for us. The end of our mammoth stint across Europe, time to slow down and enjoy ourselves and the gateway to Asia.

Leaving the fairly comfortable familiarity of the EU and its very easy crossings behind we approached what we perceived to be our first ‘real’ border crossing with anticipation. While different (picture guards in combats with sub machine guns) and a little more time consuming we got through with relative ease, just stopping in the middle to buy insurance.
Deploying the women once again proved a successful tactic, at the third (of three) check points, the guard tried only half-heartedly to get his message across before becoming exasperated and simply waving us through, turning to his friend and muttering what could be understood in any language to be “bloody women”

Triumphantly storming into Turkey – well as much as one can storm at 70kph, we headed for the sights of Gallipoli. Finally being in a country that we actually have a guidebook for we found a recommendation for a bar on a beach where we might be able to sink a few Turkish beers (Efes – Really very good!) and make camp for the night.

Upon arrival to boomerang bar we were enthusiastically greeted by Mesut the owner, his gorgeous Alsatian puppy Bonnie and the stray Negra, though surprised to see us when we asked if we could stay he replied “Guys, you’re home!” Our first taste of Turkish hospitality which has so far, always lived up to its reputation.

Boomerang bar is a little bar on the edge of Ecebat which looks over the waters of the Dardanelles and a finer spot for over landers in the area would be hard to find (especially as Mesut wont take a penny for letting you stay) So called because of its former popularity with Aussie and Kiwi Over-Landers who would stay once on the way down to Gallipoli or Troy and invariably stay another night on their way back up the peninsular. Which is almost exactly what we did and were greeted on the second occasion by beers on the house!

A great spot for those travelling on a shoestring!



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