10 Countries,10 Days

1) Britain – Westminster Bridge start line… even if we did fail to turn the tracking on until 5 miles down the road! Westgate and a send off breakfast, farewell to the full english, god we’re going to miss bacon.
2) France – Lac du Orient and the looks on the sunbathers faces when four brits spilled out of the landie and into the lake armed with soap and shampoo.
3) Italy – An afternoon getting lost in the streets of Venice, with pistachio gelato in beautiful sunshine.
4) Slovenia – UNESCO caves at Skocjan.
5) Croatia – Dubrovnik old town, possibly one of the most beautiful old cities on earth, it poured with rain but not even bringing the weather with us could have spoiled it.
6) Montenegro – a midnight ferry crossing – much like woolwich but far more picturesque.
7) Albania – Yet to discover the invention of the flat road and signposts. Locals are charming and yet very familiar with their car horns.
8) Macedonia – Woke up next to the most beautiful crystal clear lake, que a lazy morning of swimming and sunbathing (avoiding the inquisitive swans)
9) Greece – Mechanics and landrover upholstery on the beach. (the pink and green polka dots are no more) (dubious about the amount of sand in the engine!)
10) Turkey – So much to say about Turkey but submitting to immaturity this once, Cappodicia, land of the giant penii was a firm favourite. Although the hammam with sweaty Turkish masseuse/massuer (sadly masseuse for the girls, masseur for the lads) was fairly up there as life experiences go.

PS: Technically it should be 11. We briefly crossed into Bosnia and Herzegovina whilst travelling down the Croatian coast, but perhaps its somewhat harsh to judge a country on 1 hour spend entirely in a traffic jam between border crossings!


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