Rattles and Gurgles

Dear All,

Apologies for the appalling lack of posts in the last few weeks. We are in the process of completing the days we have missed but until then here is a very brief update:

We have spent the last three days in Bukara. The guide book’s introduction to Bukara reads: “Until a century ago Bukara was watered by a network of canals and some 200 stone pools where people gathered to wash and gossip. As the water was not changed often, Bukara was famous for plagues.”

Well when in Rome……

While our stomachs gurgle ominously the Beaut, not to be left out, is making a hideous rattle and due to somewhat kill or cure remedies employed by the boys she is now evacuating (oil) as alarmingly as the rest of us. We attempted the journey to Samarkand today only to return 3 hours later for some much needed TLC for the whole team. Tomorrow we shall try again.

Lots of love



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