Rattles and Gurgles #2

Morning All!

Further to Coby’s update on our various rattles and gurgles we are pleased to announce that we are all five of us on the mend!

Having spent a fair few days trying to find out what the monstrous rattle coming from the engine was we eventually had to enlist the help of the local mechanic master (a bit of a walking legend) who gently informed us that the only issue was that the timing had been thrown out by the monstrously poor black market fuel we had had to use. (no legal petrol in Northern Uzbekistan due to cotton picking season) With a firm twist of our dizzy we were back to normal.

How much did we pay for this fix? They would not take a penny from us and instead, the whole family took us out for lunch and pressed four enormous melons onto us before we were allowed to leave. Uzbek people are really something!

Now in Dushanbe we are preparing for our biggest challenge yet, the drive across the Pamir Mountains. Likely to be out of touch for a while.

Wish us luck!


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