Mongolia Day 5 – 22nd November – Altai to Bumbugur (on the way to Bayankhongor)

 Mong Stats:
8 hour driving day

289km: 126km tarmac then 163km corrugated dirt track

Weather: Cold but bright

With the tarmac road polished off before 10am, spirits were high and were only dampened slightly by the truly shocking state of the dirt track. For hours on end we bounced up and down on corrugations, with only small stretches being relatively flat.

It was slow going and mercifully uneventful despite some frightening cambers on the ‘road..’ so as the sun went down over the hillocks we made our camp.

After unfreezing the canned meat for a yummy horse meat stew, Coby put a ban on washing up for medical reasons (i.e. not losing fingers) and we held an impromptu party: delicious damson vodka brought all the way from Kent, Port from Russia and Cognac from Kazakhstan – just your average night out really and somehow it didn’t feel so cold after all that!



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