Mongolia Day 6 – 23rd November – Bumbugur to Bayankhongor

Mong Stats:
4 hour driving day

107km – all filthy corrugated dirt track

Weather: Glorious Sunshine – enough to defrost one side of the Landrover’s windows!

After our impromptu party of the evening before some of us were woken at 05:00 by our own hangovers. Port jackets still intact, by some miracle we weren’t cold despite the previous evening having reached a cheeky -14 C while the Chef was at work and much colder overnight!

Our challenge today was to be another river crossing this one we had been warned not to try to cross ourselves, locals with tractors would tow you across for a small fee of 5000 MTG, imagine our surprise when this appeared after miles of driving our own line across an open plain littered with tracks….

The only slightly dubious looking bridge saved us hours of faff and allowed us to roll into Bayankhongor for lunchtime. The nicest hotel in town (limited competition) came complete with coffee shop and Korean BBQ style restaurant, taking advantage of the latter first we sat down to a communal lunch stew and dumplings.

The rest of the afternoon held a trip to the tiny Natural History Museum, complete with stuffed Gobi teddy bears, taxidermy at its best (pretty sure someone had been to the bear factory). A gander into the park where Kat and Coby totally did not go don the tiger slide together and coffee and cake to round off.

Dinner that evening recurred a theme started in Chowd, the refusal to serve us a beer with dinner despite clear advertisement and us actually being able to see them in the fridge…? (If anyone can explain this we’re really curious). At length we deployed the Goodchild, who in an unprecedented display of firmness demanded that we had four beers – with eventual success! Huzzah!



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