After nearly a month apart, our team reunited at Yangon International Airport, Myanmar. To say that this was an exciting moment wouldn’t quite do it justice, as Myanmar was pretty much top of everyone’s list. Despite having only really reopened up to tourists in 2011, the visa process was about as easy as it gets (either a $50 evisa which arrived in less time than advertised; or a trip to a consulate – in Hong Kong for Tom and Kat, which only cost $15 and was a next day service).
On arrival at our hostel (Chan Myaye Guesthouse), we had our first real experience of the wonderful Myanmar hospitality, as cold orange squash was pressed into our hands as we were checking in and hostel staff insisted on carrying our bags up the (admittedly five flights of) stairs to our rooms!

Other things of note in Yangon:

999 Shan noodle

India-town and the cheapest curry ever

ATMs all charge

Breakfast (pineapple, and a fried rice dish not dissimilar to Plov!)

Shwedagon Pagoda – Massive golden pagoda; wonderful tour guide was well worth the extra 5000K per person to actually learn something rather than just wander aimlessly! Words don’t really do it justice – come and see it for yourself.


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