Cambodia Visa – In Bangkok

This was easy. As there seems to be limited information online…. like opening hours etc. hopefully this will help out anyone looking for the same.

Consulate: 518/4 Pracha Uthit Road
(Soi Ramkamhaeng 39)
Bangkok 10310

Get off the Metro at Huai Khwang – be warned, its a long old walk from there!

Opening Hours: 09.00 – 12.00 & 14.00-17.00 (we assume daily – we went on a Monday)

Turn up, collect application form and fill in – nothing too hard on here, you will need to know how and where you plan to enter/exit Cambodia. For Overlanders we used ‘Hat Lek/Koh Kong’ Thailand/Cambodia and ‘Voeun Kam/Don Kralor’ Cambodia/Laos.

You will also need – Passport (Obviously) Passport Photo (they don’t seem bothered about the size for once!) Photocopy of your Passport photo page AND a photocopy of your most recent Thailand entry stamp.

Moneywise, US$30 was advertised but we paid $US35 for a quick issue, the guy behind the desk suggested that $US30 was for a three day service. You can also pay in Bhat 1200 which actually worked out at a better exchange rate. Re quick issue, they mean quick – no receipt given we just sat down and waited – and it was like you wouldn’t believe, having entered the consulate at 14.00 on the dot without photocopies or application forms we had everything done submitted and returned to us by 15.00!

Having supplied dates of 08/02/16-07/03/16 the visa shows 01/02/16-01/05/16 so you seem to get three months to enter from date of application but only a month is allowed in country.

If you need a photocopier service come out of the embassy turn right and there’s a copy shop within a few minutes walk next to DIY Coffee. 2 Bhat per sheet!

Obviously having not had any of the info above we turned up at 12.00 and were turned away but turning left out of the consulate is an excellent coffee shop, the name escapes me but its all glass with a terrace – have the frozen coffee float and the almond cookies, there are wore ways to kill two hours!


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