Mechanics in Bangkok

Once again, we had problems with our brakes. This was a recurring theme of the trip sadly. We’d first noticed a slight veer to one side on braking back in Kyrgyzstan, and despite our best efforts, and the efforts of not one but two genuine Land Rover garages (Almaty, Kazakhstan and Barnaul, Siberia), they were still bad. In fact, they were barely functional. At least we vaguely knew what the problem was, and now had brought the correct spare parts out with us from the UK after our brief Christmas trip home!
We had been recommended a particular garage – they only do clutches and brakes, and they were open, even just after Chinese New Year – most places in Bangkok see this as an excuse to be closed for about a week…! The garage is called Prakanong Brakes, and is between Sukhumvit Soi 67 and 69. Not much English spoken, although they understood a lot of the mechanical terminology pretty quickly!

They were also brilliant, although not massively cheap. 5 hours later (we hung around and generally made a nuisance of ourselves) they had completely overhauled the brakes. They’d reconditioned all 4 drums, put new pads on all 8 shoes, repaired all offending wheel cylinders (the cause of all our woes), and generally given everything a well needed clean. Oh, and had the usual fun bleeding them afterwards of course…! Cost for all this was TBH 6,700. (£130). A fraction of the cost of a similar thing in the UK!

Finally, we had firm, even braking. How long will it last this time I wonder…?


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