An attempt at travel journalism

Staying on the culinary theme, whilst in Battambang we both enrolled on a cooking course at Nary Kitchen. Although not often as exquisite as a high standard Thai curry, we have found the quality of Khmer food to be much more consistent – we haven’t had a bad meal in Cambodia yet! We were therefore, keen to know how it was done! $10 per person seems to be the going rate for a 3 hour lesson, including an educational trip to the local food market where Kat found she had the stomach for everything except baby turtle (still alive). Returning ingredients in hand (don’t drop the eggs!), we donned hideous pink chef’s garb and set to work pounding paste for fish Amok – the national dish. 
The jokes of the instructor became steadily harder to force a laugh at as the course progressed, although to his credit, he did speak both English and French. Other dishes on the menu were beef Lok-Lak (fast becoming our favourite); fried spring rolls; and banana goop for desert – delicious, but we’d never come across tapioca before! 

Obviously the best part of the course came at the end, sampling our wares! By some miracle we hadn’t managed to poison ourselves! 


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