08 March 2016 – To Charlotte from Switzerland, Thank you for the bread, what you didn’t know was that we were up at five that morning for the market, unsuccessfully looking for bread – so you could not have made a better contribution, you were also Far to generous with your left over cash, we drank it in beer form on the river watching the sunset just after you left us. Thank you. Enjoy Cambodia.  
05 March 2016 – To the Very Lucky and Extraordinarily kind “Welsh” Gentleman with whom we drank 13 beers, 5 of which were won through combined beer drinking efforts – Thank you. Thanks also for the steak dinner, GnTs, Dong and Kip… you were just a legend. We owe you an Efes or 13 next time were in Turkey.
03rd March 2016 – Thomas and Master Pisal – Thankyou for letting us stay in the temple it was an amazing and enriching experience, we were blown away by your sheer friendliness and hospitality. We wish you all the best luck for your future projects.
28th February 2016 – To Phillip and Leona, great to meet someone on the same trail – you get more man points though for cycling all the way! Thanks for breakfast, never before have we seen a kilo of flour and 10 egg pancake mix for just four people. You guys rock. 


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