The Gibbon Experience

Ok, we admit it. We did it – possibly the most touristy thing in Laos. The Gibbon Experience. And what a fantastic experience it was. Yes, it’s expensive: we paid $180 pp for the ‘express’ tour which is two days, with one night spent in the jungle. The ‘classic’ tour is 3 days, and goes to a different part of the national park. The company was perfectly honest with us – on the express tour, you won’t see any gibbons as they don’t live in that part of the jungle, and there is a fairly serious amount of trekking up to where the zip lines start, but it’s perfectly manageable, and we loved it. 

We probably did about 20-25 zip lines over the two days; most of them stretch for hundreds of metres high over the jungle, spanning deep valleys. It’s incredible. The longest is more that half a kilometre (although there is an even longer one on the ‘classic’). The equipment is of a decent quality, and you get shown exactly what to do – there’s no need to have even done zip-lining before. 
The tree-houses where you spend the night are amazing! Having to zip line into your house is a great experience. Perched high up in huge trees, and spread over 3 floors, they have drinking water, a toilet, and shower with possibly the best view ever. The beds are mattresses on the floor, and the mozzie nets are more heavy duty cloth than anything else, but it works and the bedding is clean. There’s a large area downstairs (in treehouse number 2) where we sat and played cards with Mel and Chris for hours. Teaching our Laos guides spoons was a laugh! Unsurprisingly, Kat reigned supreme! 
All in all, a brilliant two days, and worth the money. Recommended if you decided you can afford it! 


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