Entering our 23rd and final country with the Beaut (we’d been to a couple of others on route without her) had mixed emotions. Was this really to be our last border crossing? Would we finally, finally get searched properly? No, it turns out. The border crossing was simple if not particularly well signposted, resulting in the usual aimless wandering around with a carnet, desperately hunting the man with the elusive stamp. Having some Ringgit before the border would have meant we didn’t get shortchanged from our Baht when paying a toll fee, but it was hardly the end of the world. Our first impression of a country is normally based on road condition. In this case – excellent, but you have to pay for it! The highway from the border to KL is all a toll road, and it does add up eventually. 
Our situation was a bit strange – we were powering through a country that we were desperate to explore, and driving past signs for places we knew we wanted to visit. For the first time on the trip, we were on a deadline – the Beaut needed to be in KL to be dropped off with the shipping agent. Her time was nearly over. One final night was spent in a motorway service station about 200km north of KL – not exactly the most picturesque last campsite… And we spent the morning packing up the roof, and generally cursing the existence of Nylocks. One final bizarre experience was being blessed by a coach load of Christian missionaries (every little helps keep Lucas, the Prince of Darkness at bay), before we rolled slowly into the KL traffic. 

In KL we were kindly hosted by our friend Luke, who we’d met whilst at Angkor Wat, and him and his family made us so welcome. I can’t really explain how nice it was to not have to worry about finding somewhere to stay, or even where to eat, especially as we were on a tight schedule, having left ourselves just 24hrs to sort out shipping the Beaut home before our flights to the Philippines! He even came with us to the port when we dropped her off at the warehouse. Hero! 
3 days spent in Malaysia. Zero time exploring. We would be back. In the meantime, a Filipino holiday awaited us! 


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