Hoi An

Hoi An gets it’s own post. It is that good. If I’m perfectly honest I’m not sure why we enjoyed it quite as much as we did. I’ve been trying to tell myself that it’s not because of the 9p beer (well… Probably 15p since Brexit), but it does add such a gloss to an already good day when you can sit down with a beer that is so cheap that you almost feel like its a crime not to drink one. Or two. 
Let’s be clear – not all beer in Hoi An is that cheap, you do have to seek it out a little bit, but not very hard. It’s called ‘fresh beer’ (or Bia Hoi everywhere else in Vietnam), and it’s a lager that is brewed that day, and has to be drunk that day. What a shame! 

The most touristy thing to do in Hoi An is to go to the tailors. It is a well publicised tradition. We went to Lana, as liked the woman inside who we had a chat with. It was also the cheapest of the top rated ones. Tom got a 4 piece suit made up (the extra pair of trousers is for the Chubb-rub) which he was particularly pleased with – even if it doesn’t leave much room for expansion due to excessive cheese eating..

The river front is charming, with lanterns lit up along the streets at night, and the famous old Japanese bridge filled with throngs of people. hundreds of restaurants make choosing just one each night quite a problem, but I would particularly recommend the Secret Garden if you are feeling in need of a treat! 

The beach isn’t far away either, an easy cycle through flat paddy fields. It is not particularly busy throughout the day, and there are plenty of sun beds to hire for a small fee (usually a beer!). In the evening it’s heaving with locals who flock out of the city.  

We had an absolutely wonderful time here, and even bestow Hoi An with the honour of being one of the (few) places we’ve been on this trip where we could see ourselves living, rather than just visiting again. Top marks.


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