The Roof

The Roof:

We looked at making our own roof rack, and started trying to sketch up a few designs, but we were just getting nowhere. In the end, we were tipped off about a company in London called Brownchurch, and they did a brilliant job, and it didn’t cost the earth. For roof racks, there is no-one better, and we highly recommend them.

Once we had the roof rack, we could go about working out what we would need to store on it. Maxed out we could carry:

  • 4 x 20L jerrycans (fuel or water, but fuel was preferable as it is about 75% the weight of water).
  • 2 waffle boards
  • Table and chairs
  • Spare tyre
  • Awning
  • A roof box filled with our spare clothes – either warm kit or summer kit. Oh, and moisturiser….
  • Our pop-up toilet tent
  • The roof tent! We mounted ours over the front. An unusual choice, but it worked for us. We found that having it mounted over the rear meant that our ‘living and working area’ by the back doors were a bit cramped for 4 people… so we moved it.

Yup – probably too much. Oh well. We do try to keep it to bulky but light stuff, but it’s hard!