We realised pretty early on that there were some things that we would need to learn in order to do this trip successfully.

The top two things were mechanics, and staying healthy, and with that in mind, we each set aside some time and money and went on some courses.


We found evening classes a great place to start, and Kat and Tom enrolled at Hackney college, whilst Jon went for one at Eastleigh. Both courses covered a similar thing, and took us up to pre-MOT level, as well as covering a basic service.

As D-Day got nearer, we realised we needed a lot more help, so got in contact with Dave. Dave runs bush mechanics courses, and specialises in Land Rovers. We ended up driving the Beaut down to his house in Devon, and spending a week in his back garden learning all sorts! It was brilliant, and without this knowledge, it is doubtful that we would have had the confidence to go ahead with the trip. We genuinely can’t recommend him enough.

First Aid:

Our own safety was our other big concern, as we knew that we would be going to places that were pretty remote, and with minimal health facilities. Although we had all done bits of first aid previously, there was no doubt that Coby was the best person for this job, having spent a good deal of time working in hospitals. She booked herself onto a fairly intensive MIRA course, and spent hours fantasizing about performing surgical airways on the rest of us.