Timeline – (a work in progress!)

2nd August 2014 – Purchased The Beaut!


Several weekends of tinkering (see mechanical problems and learnings!)

September 19th 2014 –
Peterborough land rover owners show. Drove 280 miles over the weekend. 14mpg. Ouch. Bought jerrycans, water jerrycans, oil can, ratchet straps, wheel brace Magnet dish, Cargo net, middleSeat, Cable ties, wing mirror. Opened drivers side fuel tank, cleaned back, c***-bolt (attaching back bench to rear cab) removed.

25 October 2014 – First look at roof rack fitting – no joy

27th October – Tom and Kat take for a cheeky spin – to Cornwall!


Adventure overland show: donkey dick, side steps, went to two lectures and met some nice people. Beaut behaved impeccably. Removed driver side fuel tank and measured back and external measurements. L 4.90m H 2.05m W 1.90m 45mph gave nearly 18mpg!!

Newbury 4×4 spare parts:
Bought rear fuel tank and oil. Cleaned and Refitted drivers fuel tank. Discovered float mechanism faulty. Cleaned air filter oil bath


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