Where Are We Now?


Just click on the map above to see where we are and where we’ve been!

Messages to our Delorn Tracker!

Hi Guys!

We are so pleased to know that you are all tracking our progress and have loved reading your messages that have been sent to the delorm but we have just realised every time we receive a message on the device it eats into our monthly message allowance! Which will mean we can not message from it if we hit our limit!

Please send your lovely messages to one of our mobiles which are all working fine so far in Europe!

If you NEED to contact us, any emergencies etc, do not hesitate to use the delorn messages!



Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, messages of support / encouragement / and general abuse…


11 thoughts on “Where Are We Now?

  1. Aga from Poland says:

    Hi Guys!

    I’m watching your trip and it’s pretty amazing! Love it 🙂
    I’m driving with my Defender to South America for 6 months at the beginning of next year and I can’t decide which Delorme inReach device to buy: SE or Explorer. Which one you’re using?

    Good luck!!!


  2. Jenny Place says:

    Hi Kat &Tom, hope you are enjoying your diving. Geoff and I are leaving Vietnam tomorrow, back to the cold. When you get time drop us a line so that we can get those photos of you at Halong Bay to you. Enjoy the rest of your journey and remember if you ever make it to Australia, look us up. You will be more than welcome.

    Cheers Jenny.


  3. Ray Cook says:

    Hi Tom
    We are having a great trip so far !! Now in Russia at an amazing Place called Artybash in th Altai Region
    It’s on the edge of Lake Teletskoye.
    Check my website or Instagram out : raycooknz

    Hope you guys are traveling well?
    One question did you travel trough Belarus on your way??


    • landroverambulance says:

      We loved the Altai region! Although we were there at the start of winter so it probably looked very different from what it does now! We have just shipped our land rover home from Kuala Lumpur, so are enjoying life without constant mechanics! Currently in Vietnam. No sorry, we didn’t go through Belarus.


  4. Ray Cook says:

    Haha this is why I left my Landrover back in NZ and took a Toyota Landcruiser!!! We had some amazing four wheel driving in Mongolia had a few days heavy rain so made river crossings interesting. You should try and get to Myanmar this was my favourite place in Asia


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